Whether you’re an online publication, a print publication or both, I can create stories that are both informative and fun to read, adopting your publication’s voice and flair. My editors love the newsy story ideas I come up with and my ability to find just the right expert or “real person” to interview.

I understand AP style inside and out; but can use the style you prefer. I also include photo and sidebar ideas, and understand the value of just the right vignette or statistic to really draw the reader in.

When my editors send my copy back they use words like “tightly written,” and “engaging,” and “spot on” and, everyone’s favorite, “early!”

But don’t take my word for it. Here are a few kudos I’ve received.

Emily Puro, Editor, Metro Parent Magazine:

As editor of Metro Parent Magazine, I have found Cathie to be a talented writer who delivers well-written articles that both engage and inform her readers. She generates interesting story ideas, meets her deadlines and always maintains an upbeat attitude. It’s a pleasure working with her.

Heather Skyler, Senior Editor, California Real Estate Magazine:

I’ve hired Cathie to write several freelance articles for California Real Estate magazine. She is easy to work with and delivers her assignments on time, which is important in this business. Her stories are clean, well-written, and need very little editing. I’d highly recommend Cathie for other freelance writing work.

Joy Keller, Editor, IDEA Fit:

From the first time I worked with Cathie at FireRocket, where she wrote content marketing articles for one of the agency’s key clients, I was impressed with her work ethic, communication and ability to carry on a professional and fun rapport. The decision to hire her as a freelance writer was an easy one. Her queries are thoughtful and she shows an authentic knack for understanding audience needs. Cathie’s stories are always a very light edit for me, which makes any editor’s job easy. They flow well, the sources are solid, and the information is always super practical and useful.

Amy Wang, Editor, The Oregonian:

I purchased articles from Cathie for nearly a decade when I was editor of a community news section targeting readers in Clackamas County, Oregon. She always had spot-on ideas for her articles, executed them well and was completely reliable when it came to meeting deadlines. She clearly understood the mission of the section and aligned her stories to fit it. In addition, I truly enjoyed working with her. I would not hesitate to purchase more articles from her.

Erin Lem, Editorial Director, Red Tricycle:

Cathie has been a contributing writer for Red Tricycle for over a year. She continually impresses me with her wealth of ideas and the great family activities she discovers in Portland. Cathie takes her work seriously– she always meets her deadlines, takes constructive criticism with a smile, and is able to adapt her writing to meet Red Tricycle’s editorial brand and vision. I hope Cathie continues to contribute to Red Tricycle Portland for a long time!