About Cathie Ericson

I had spent 15 years working for top PR agencies in LA, Seattle, Minneapolis and Portland, when I realized that my favorite part of the job was understanding the client’s needs and translating them into compelling stories – whether they were press releases, newsletter stories, case studies or blog posts.

“My favorite part of the job is translating the client’s needs into compelling stories.”

After a few years of dabbling in freelancing writing, I jumped in full force in 2013, rapidly building an impressive list of clients through referrals, for which I am so grateful. I was delighted to realize that my love of juggling multiple clients at a PR agency could easily be replicated by working for a diverse array of clients and publications.

I am always searching for new companies, websites or publications that would appreciate a fresh voice. Editors I have worked with universally retain me again and again: my job is to make their job easier and they tell me that I do – over and over.

Here’s where I shine:

Business: My agency background ensures that I can write authoritatively about a wide variety of industries. That’s what you do in agencies: you become an expert quickly because you are constantly developing strategic plans for the Client Du Jour. It’s imperative to know how to ascertain the finer points of their space, their needs and the benefits they offer their customers.

“My background ensures that I can write authoritatively about pretty much any industry you work in.”

Specific areas of expertise include

  • SAAS
  • B2B
  • E-commerce
  • Retail
  • Small business
  • Personal finance
  • Housing/real estate
  • Education
  • Sustainability

“I am savvy about everything from networking to job hunting to negotiation to business etiquette.”

Business Strategies: Because of my lengthy history working with every model of business you can imagine – from startups to Fortune 100s – I am savvy about everything from networking to job hunting to negotiation to business etiquette. I have written about these topics for small business publications and websites, drawing on my own experiences and seeking advice from experts to help put it all in perspective. I stay up on current trends and would love to translate those into actionable ideas for your readers.

“The experts I call on shed light on the latest theories and best practices.”

Parenting/Family/Education: I have three boys, so as you can imagine, I am immersed in the whole world that is kid-topia. The experts I call on – from psychologists to doctors to moms in the trenches – shed light on the latest theories and best practices – and what works and doesn’t. I am particularly adept at writing about the teen/tween phase, all the way up to the college journey. I am also knowledgeable about how to take topics like personal finance, nutrition, sustainability and other similar issues and put them into context for families with the help of experts and “BTDT moms” alike.

“Nothing brings me more joy than sharing my passion with others.”

Nutrition/Fitness/Health: I am a fitness and health news junkie. I can – and do – debate the merits of lean beef vs. ground turkey in your tacos. I can eyeball a restaurant salad and suggest you order the burger instead (no mayo or cheese, please!). Yes, I critique your Starbucks or Jamba Juice order in my head (you’re probably drinking two meals worth of calories.) I hike, bike, run, kickbox and boot camp. (Not a spinner.) Nothing brings me more joy than sharing my passion with others. A new health study sends me straight to the source to talk to the experts and learn more about how it impacts us today. You might say I have a “healthy appetite” for all news related to nutrition and fitness and a desire to convey to real women how they can fit healthy habits into their lives.

The bottom line is that as an inquisitive observer and voracious reader of anything I can get my hands or eyes on, I love to spot trends and “news you can use” and help put it into context to create newsy, timely copy for your brand or publication.

Let’s talk about how I can do that for you!

Call Cathie Ericson, Freelance Writer at 503.539.6772 or Cathie@CathieEricsonWriter.com